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Technical Control Service for fasteners

Satinox Assemblage is launching a new service: Technical Control for fasteners.
With more than 35 years’ experience and expertise in this Technical Support and Quality Control of fasteners (standards NFE - NFL -ISO - EN - LN - ASNA - US - AN - American Standard...), Satinox Assemblage looks forward to having a sound response to the process of supply rationalisation.

A service available to our customers, but not only our customers...

Our Technical Control Service – up until now devoted exclusively to checking references before delivery and to First Article Inspection - is now open not only to customers and non-customers, but also to the companies working alongside them(distributors and Purchasing Centres), a Technical Control Service for dimensional and/or destructive testing on all types of fastener.

A unique and innovative service

In putting in place this offer – until now non-existant on the French market - Satinox Assemblage have proved once again that innovation and progress go hand in hand.

A 1000 m2 extension

We have extended our premise with a 1 000 m2 extension to house this new Technical Control Service and completed our equipment with:

  • Calipers,
  • Metric and US rings,
  • Buffers,
  • 2D Video Projector,
  • 3D Video Projector,
  • Binoculor magnifier,
  • Vickers Microhardness machine,
  • Tensile testing machine


Satinox Assemblage Equipment is periodically inspected by certified COFRAC organisations, and subscribes to AFNOR online standards.
Satinox assemblage, already part of Technical Control Délégations with certain big Groups are pleased to continue to develop these partnerships.

With this new service available, that exists nowhere else on the market, Satinox Assemblage - a member of GIFAS and of GICAT is intent on continuing in its development.

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