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Verification Processes

(All our testing equipment is periodically COFRAC certified, detailed table under SMQ)

We use two types of test: Non-Destructive and Destructive, the latter by request, to check the documentation for sensitive parts or to qualify initial batches.

1. NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (For parts for industry or Aviation)


(On documents requested at time of order, and attached to the delivery)

  • BL or BL CC according to NFL 00-015C
  • Material Certificate
  • Manufacturer Certificate
  • Treatment Certificate
  • Or according to Customer specifications


(Counting by weight, 0.01g precision)

  • Sorting by batch
  • Counting by batch
  • Quantity Test by weight
  • Validation or Correction of delivery slip


All checks are made according to a processs: Online standards, Plan, our Customer Specifications.
The checks are based on a sample basis respecting the standard ISO 2859-1
(For the general appearance a Binocular Magnifier can be used, the inspection varies depending on the type of fastener (screws, rivets, nuts, washers, grenouillères, pins, studs etc.)

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Thickness
  • Angle degree
  • Empreinte
  • Check with ring or buffer
  • Interior/exterior diameter for washer
  • Bevel
  • Rayon
  • Others

Used for dimensional control

  • Identified digital calliper
  • Rings and Tampons au Pas ISO et US
  • Palmer
  • 2D Profile Projector, & 3D Vidéo avec Palpeur
  • Plan base for Customers
  • Collection of Standards
  • Testing to AFNOR standards (‘’Subscription to Online standards’’)

2. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (For Aviation or Industrial parts)

(Validation of first batches on request)

  • Digital Microhardness Tests - Vickers measures with conversion table
  • Universal Tensile Tests max. 5 tons

Last stage :

  • Tests Report published
  • Identifcation by code bar and placement in the stock
  • Parts entry and storage.