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Presentation of our Technical Control Service

The SATINOX ASSEMBLAGE technical control service has a long history.
The idea of product verification is integral to the company, which always adapts to technical developments, products, standards and customer requests.

Just what is technical control at Satinox Assemblage today?


  • More than 35 yrs experience
  • Trained and experienced staff 
  • Large database 
  • Subscribes to AFNOR online standards

A Principle

Systematic verification of parts depending on the standard required ( NFE - NFL -ISO - EN - LN - ASNA - US - AN - American Standard etc.) or the customer plan

Verification depending on standards sampling ( ISO 2859-1) or customer requests.


  • Operations validated by the standard EN 9120 : 2009
  • Periodic equipment inspection by organisations with COFRAC certification.
  • Partnerships with delegated delivery check for our large-order customers.


  • Vernier Calipers,
  • Metric and US Rings,
  • Buffers,
  • 2D Video Projector,
  • 3D Video Projector,
  • Binocular,
  • Vickers digital microhardness machine,
  • Tensile testing machine

Acquisition of a mass spectrometre, analysis currently sub-contracted

Process and Reports

  • See the process in detail
  • Delivery slips / certificate of conformity to standard NFL 00-015C
  • Testing/Inspection report
  • Certified dimensions

Some figures

  • 80 m2 laboratory
  • 3 employees
  • 6 500 checked deliveries per year
  • 80 returns to our suppliers on average per year.