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A French Success Story

Astounding Evolution

The destiny of this French company, founded in 1977 is closely linked to that of one man – Patrick Mitchell – who joined the company as a technical sales rep in 1999... and who became its president in 2000!!

Just 1 year to buy Satinox Assemblage, on the advice of the company’s bank...

No capital contribution, no guarantees, no specific background, Patrick Mitchell - a self-taught man - rose to the challenge and took over the company which was to develop in the highly competitive market of standard fasteners.

Thorough internal reorganisation

Management of Satinox Assemblage - which at the time had only 10 employees - was unsatisfactory, the business model was vague and unstructured, the same for the governance of the company...

So, Patrick Mitchell started to thoroughly reorganise the structure.
He optimizes departments organization, put in place processes and methods, and went about obtaining quality certification. The first certification acquired was Qualiface A in 2000 followed by the ISO 9001 and the EN 9120 in 2005.

Winning Repositioning

This is when Patrick Mitchell decided to take on a second challenge.
He decided to take a 180° turn in the positioning of Satinox Assemblage by moving from standard fasteners, a highly competitive market, to fasteners with high added value for Aerospace, Aviation, Military and Industral sectors (notably the Medical industry).

It was a winning bet, turnover increased by 45% in 2006.
Today, Satinox Assemblage supplies the big players in Aerospace, Aviation, Military and Industrial sectors (list of main customers on page 7), the company has more than doubled its staff (with 23 employees) and has seen constant growth (turnover increased by a further 24% in 2012).

Active today for sector organisations and manufacturers

Satinox Assemblage is an active member of the principal Professional organisations of the sectors it works in, to be able to remain as close as possible to the needs and problematics of their customers

Our company is notably a member of GIFAS : (Grouping of French Aerospace and Aviation Industries) as well as GICAT : Grouping of French Industries of Terrestrial Defence.

In the same spirit, and always with the aim of offering irreproachable service to our customers, Satinox Assemblage works with manufacturers to make technical recommendations (thanks to feedback from our clients and professional groups) but also in terms of lobbying, guidance and quality.