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Our key word: Anticipate!

Company Development

Under the drive of our daring and visionary president and his team, Satinox Assemblage likes to be ahead of the game...

Through our investment (acquisition of 2 extra machines to upgrade its control Equipment, increase of capital from €350k to €500k), recruitment (4 new team members end of 2012) or the enlargement and improvement of our company HQ (extension of 1 000m2 end of 2012), the willingness to develop, improve and innovate to ensure the quality of working conditions for the team and as a result, the quality of service we offer to our customers.

Improving the Process

The quality of our service is under constant improvement across the 3 branches of our company: Storage, Quality Control and Distribution of fasteners.

Most recently, Satinox Assemblage invested in a code-bar reading system (readable by I Phone and Blackberry) to better manage the FIFO system, eliminate data-entry errors and also to facilitate the receiving of delivered goods for our customers.

In the same spirit of improvement, we have signed up to the ISO 14 001 environmental quality certification this year.

Innovation to anticipate developments in the market

In response to their customers’ rationalisation of supply procedure, Satinox Assemblage launched a new service in June 2013: a Technical Control Service..

Our Control Dept - until now exclusively dedicated to checking references before delivery and aux Revues de 1er Article - will now provide not only to customers and non-customer companies, but also to companies that work alongside them (distributors and purchasing centres), a Dimensional Control Service and/or destructive testing on all types of fastener.

With this new development – up until now we are the first to offer this service on the French market - Satinox Assemblage has proved once again that innovation and progress go hand in hand.